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Our Promise


Core Belief

We want to provide our clients with a clear distinction between cost, price and value, with value being the single most important element in any consumer’s decision.

As our core belief, we define value as the best possible product, at a competitive price, with uncompromising attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to our client’s experience. We realize that your project is extremely important to you, regardless of its size.

– Craig Barrow, Owner of Build Paragon


The Best Possible Product

Communication is key from beginning to end. At every stage of each project, Build Paragon will provide clear and accurate details and specifications that will be carried out to the highest of expectations.

Quality is not subjective, but expectations are, unless communicated effectively. Quality is about the skilled management of people and resources — expertise that is hard to find! This is the Build Paragon advantage.


A Competitive Price

While developing long-term relationships with our trade partners is important, getting our clients the best possible price, without sacrificing quality, is paramount.

At Build Paragon, we work hard to give you fair pricing, put forward our best effort, and take professional accountability for our work. We collect several bids to make sure that we get you the very best possible price, while taking full responsibility for every aspect of your project!


Attention to Detail

Gaining your trust and confidence is of primary importance to us. Before we proceed with any project, we make sure that expectations on both sides are clearly defined. With Build Paragon’s superior quality assurance, we can accommodate even the most discriminating clients.


Commitment to Our Client’s Experience

We believe that there is more at stake than just the end-product. We understand that building your home or business space is a serious commitment of time and resources for you. You can expect no less from us. We want your entire experience to be a pleasant one — one that you will be glad to share with your friends and family.

At Build Paragon, our mission is not to be the biggest, but simply the very best at what we do!

Our Promise

and Mission